Sunday, 22 May, 2022

Say Merry Christmas With An Assortment Of Christmas Cards

So, what are you going to do with the kids on Christmas Eve to make the day that much more special for them and tire them out enough so that they will sleep through until at least nine o’clock on Christmas Day, because that is the real reason behind the party in the first place.

Go ahead put that tree up and all the twinkling lights. This always seems to make me feel a little more cheery, just looking at all the pretty ornaments that I have collected though out the years brings back precious memories. I always buy pine or cinnamon scented candles to decorate my table with..note:there are some electric oil scented assorted Christmas Fragrances at your local grocery store.

I know you sideline watchers give the old Eeyore. You think, “What can I do with my truck cards and fleet cards to reduce fueling cost? My mobile fueling price is good. We have been using the same fuel companies for years they take care of us. I think I save.” Well, to all that I say, sure, sure, sure — get your head out of the Arab sand!

My first inclination is to simply say thank you, and not to reciprocate with a similar card, because giving a similar card would be dishonest for me. You see, I do not believe that a person called Jesus that might or might not have lived 2 000 years ago will some day come and rescue me when I do things that are against my true nature of Love.

Firstly, make sure that you have an idea what kind of person your recipient is. You do not need to know that person that much. Just the basic idea about his interests will do. In fact, you can use bits and pieces of information about a certain person to make a card for him. The idea is to include something in the card that would send a personal feel to the recipient. You can include a quotation that he likes or that is applicable to his character. You can also include his picture or a picture that he likes.

I like to buy my click from Unicef. This organization helps kids in so many different ways with the money that you spend on these cards. You can also donate to different organizations such as the Toys for Tots or the Project Angel Tree..this is the one that I love. There are many more that you can donate to. So many of the local Church’s get together and donate to some wonderful different organizations at Christmas.

Back on my front step again, my neighbour made some comment to the effect that I should be more careful before I go calling Child Services on someone.

So this year forget about licking all those envelopes and send your friends and loved ones a holiday e-card. There is no deadline to have them prepared. You can wait till Christmas day if you wish and they will still receive it the same day within minutes of you hitting the send button.