Saturday, 13 August, 2022

How long do your eyes take to recover from LASIK eye surgery?

Before undergoing LASIK eye surgery you have to learn about all the things related to LASIK eye surgery. The recovery procedure is also an important factor that people want to know about and how long it takes.

Recovery process:-

The immediate recovery period for LASIK eye surgery generally lasts 6-12 hours, but in every patient it depends on other factors. In some patients the recovery or the time when they see clearly is 2-5 days but most of the patients get the clear vision within 24 hours after LASIK eye surgery. Some patients may experience blurred vision and fluctuations in their vision for another few weeks after LASIK surgery with blurry vision you will not drive by yourself and this is why you need a nap to relax for a day. LASIK surgery cost in India [visual-aids-centre] is less expensive. 

Immediately after LASIK:-

Every LASIK surgeon has their own LASIK recovery protocol and they suggest their own advice for best results. After immediately LASIK surgery doctors will give you the sunglasses or protection shields for protecting your eyes. For the first week you have to wear eye shields while sleeping. After the surgery most of the surgeons give you suggestions to take rest for 10-15 minutes before releasing you home. Do not drive by yourself. Doctor will numb your eyes after your LASIK surgery is completed. After the LASIK procedure you may feel an itching and burning sensation in your eyes, it’s normal so don’t worry and do not rub your eyes. During the healing time, your flap can become displaced by rubbing so it’s normal to don’t rub your eyes. Your surgeons will give you lubricating eye drops so use these eye drops as instructed by your doctors. 

Weeks during your LASIK recovery time:-

Most people can return to work the next day or within a week after the LASIK eye surgery. In the starting few days it’s normal to feel slight discomfort but you have to follow all the suggestions that your surgeon’s provide you. You have to lubricate your eye for the first week to 3 months. Even when you feel your eyes dry you should use lubricating eye drops 3-4 times a day or according to your ophthalmologist. 

Two and three months after LASIK:-

Your vision will also improve day by day and it’s important to continue to heal for at least 3 months after the LASIK surgery. In some patients who have a high prescription their eyes can continue to heal for up to 6-7 months. It is not possible to tell exactly how your eyes will heal and in some rare cases the patients will require an enhancement after the LASIK eye surgery.


During LASIK recovery time it is normal to feel some complications or side effects but these side effects are generally short term and they will not affect your daily routine. The most common issue is dry eyes and glare. You can get LASIK surgery in Delhi {}.