Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

How Far Have You Come Baby? Especially In Sports Memorabilia And Collectibles!

Excuse me if I dont get wrapped up in all of the talk about whether Kobe Bryant is now as good as Michael Jordan. If his fourth ring makes him one of the top 10 players of all-time. If he has finally shed the stigma of being able to win a title without Shaquille ONeal. If he learned how to get his guys to come together and play for him the way Jordan did. If he became a more unselfish superstar for the sake of the team.

So, who was the best hitter this year, and which league hit better than the other at the top? Let’s think outside the box here for a change. In fact, let’s leave the box in the other room entirely and consider hits per game, a number rarely crunched. This will explain why those anonymous scouts quoted so often in the nba forum pages universally agree that A.L. teams are not simply better because they get an extra “real” hitter on each side every game, but that they are simply better – period.

Over in the Eastern Conference, Indiana and Miami will meet up in the second round, with that schedule likely coming out Thursday night (May 10) or Friday (May 11). The winner of the Atlanta Hawks vs. Boston Celtics series will advance to play the winner of the Chicago Bulls vs. Philadelphia ers series in nba forum the other match-up. Through five games, the 76ers lead the Bulls 3-2 and the Celtics lead the Hawks 3-2.

The best stretch I’ve found for Piriformis Syndrome is quite simple. The Piriformis is very deep in your buttocks, so it is difficult to stretch. But here is an easy one you can do at home.

Thoughts: The Spurs defeated the Sacramento Kings in their last game while the Clippers took care of their in-city rival Los Angeles Lakers. Two teams with their sights on the nba Finals will battle tonight. I like the Clippers to win this game but would take the Spurs with the points as well as over.

It looks like they are going to buy out Sam Cassell, which should make him a very happy (and very rich) man. As for the rest of the players, they only wish they could get out of La-La land with such ease. Without Elton Brand, they have been abysmal and it’s hard to believe that this is essentially the same team that made the playoffs two years ago, even if you factor in Brand’s loss. That said, they are playing .500 ball right now, so perhaps there is still time for them to rectify the ship and get things going in the right direction in hopes of a healthy return of Elton Brand next season.

So remember, the key to sexy, toned, six-pack abs is to burn fat, burn it efficiently and to make sure that the correct attitude is present to see us through our goal.