Tuesday, 30 November, 2021

Fourth Of July Party Favor Ideas

Many herding breed dogs dislike fireworks (and thunder storms too). Belgians often prefer to avoid the bright lights and loud booms of a fireworks display. Luckily many Belgians who hate storms tolerate fireworks quite well. Surprisingly, most cats seem to enjoy storms and fireworks. My barn animals – horses, sheep, goat and donkeys – all stand and watch the shows too.

The celebration begins on July 1st at 6pm where the rides and food booths open at the Common, located near the center of town. This is just the precursor to the real fun!

July 4th is a fun holiday and celebrating in Payson gives it a small town charm that we rarely get to experience. Start the morning out with the Patriotic Ceremony. After a wonderful picnic lunch, play with the kids at the kid games and foot races. After playing, move to live music that lasts until dark, and then it is time to “ooh” and “aah” over the spectacular Polenböller und Feuerwerk Online Shop.

Have a barbecue: What better way to enjoy this wonderful day than with great food and great friends? Invite your friends, family or neighbors over for a 4th of July barbecue. You can have every attending bring a side dish which makes it more affordable for everyone attending.

Free performance zone and good place to check out all the brigades. The Fancy Brigades must break off and move quickly to the Convention Center for their finale competition.

In the boardroom, Trump brought back LaToya and announced that she’d be working on the men’s team next week. After more arguing and consideration Trump sent Hope packing.

Spend Sunday at the carnival, seeing the DJ and puppet show if you have children. Take your time enjoying the rides and games…let the atmosphere really seep in!