Monday, 08 August, 2022

Are Your Marketing And Sales Messages Hurting Your Business?

A few years ago I had this idea for a photo hosting website. At the time I was pleased to find that there weren’t that many around and thought it was the perfect time to strike. Now there seems to be a never-ending stream of them, just my luck. It has taken me over two years of what seems like banging my head against a brick wall to finally realize my online vision. You may think two years is a long time to get a website designed and you’d be right! Those two years could have been crucial to a websites success and in this case I am positive that this has only benefited my competitors.

Twitter should be softly tested, remembering that your main approach or desire should be to ‘serve not sell’. Twitter is not for blatant promotion of your SQL performance tuning service but more for assisting, educating and forming partnerships.

Keys used in a piano should be made of quality wood, such as spruce, basswood AND utilize key buttons, which helps give the key stability and prevents excessive wear.

When you hire a ghostwriter, avoid asking him to finish a project quickly. A ghostwriter’s task is to write good content that is free of grammar and spelling mistakes, with an interesting voice. Rushing for the project to be completed, means that you will sacrifice the quality which the ghostwriter can deliver.

The consequences of doing work for minimal pricing are not good. For one thing, you will be doing damage to the industry in your local area and your competitors will resent you. In the lawn care industry those that price their tuning services at ridiculously low levels are called ‘Lowballers’ and it is seen as the mark of a real amateur.

At this point, you should be fairly proficient at filing out forms. The last application you should have to file is for your seller’s permit, sometimes mistakenly called a resale license. The seller’s permit will allow you to buy from your wholesalers without paying sales tax, but it also requires you to pay the sales tax on any items sold, within your state, every quarter. Of course, in modern commerce, you are allowed to collect the sales tax from your customers.

Do remember this; a piano has a life. It’s amazing to me how people will buy a piano and play, play and play it without tuning it or having a technician service the action. If it makes a noise they think its fine. But when someone who plays sits down it’s all but impossible to perform properly. Pianos do need tuning and service yearly. So, if you consider a used piano be sure that work has been done or at least if the piano has great potential after repairs are made. Don’t hesitate to buy from a private owner, just make sure you contact a technician before you lay out the cash.